MRI center in Greensboro NC

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been a reliable and radiation-free way to capture body images for years, but what if we could take clearer images in less time?

With 3T MRI technology, we do it. At Greensboro Imaging, we believe that Triad residents should have access to the most advanced MRI tests available, so we now offer 3T MRI.

Our latest generation 3-resonance magnetic resonance machine (3T) uses the most powerful magnet available to provide sharper images than ever before, making it ideal for patients with neurological problems or others that require very detailed images.

New Imaging Tech

New MRI machine

This new technology makes it easier to photograph areas of the body that were previously difficult to capture, such as the brain or small joints.

It also works quickly, reducing the procedure time to almost half for organs that do not require extreme details.

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So we can spend our time making sure that patients receive the care they need. Faster detection is especially useful for patients who have back, knee or other problems that cause severe pain.

As described by Dr. Sriyesh Krishnan of Greensboro Imaging, “It’s a bit like the first time he saw a high-definition television.

The image of 3 Tesla is spectacular. But not all procedures require that level of detail, so we are able to customize the test for the patient.

Depending on the part of the body taken, we decide if they need a faster test or a very detailed test with the smallest possible pixels. “

3T MRI Machine

Similar to traditional MRI, 3T MRI uses magnets and radio waves to capture images of soft tissues, bones, fat and muscles. 3T MRI is most often used for imaging areas such as the brain, spine, breasts, pelvis, prostate and joints.

However, each patient is unique and this new technology is not suitable for everyone. Traditional magnetic resonance imaging is generally more suitable for pregnant patients or metal hardware implants.

Nervous of being inside the MRI machine? Do not worry. Our large hole machine is less confined with a wider opening and a shorter tube length to increase patient comfort and reduce anxiety for those who are claustrophobic, obese, elderly, with significant pain or reduced mobility.

At Greensboro Imaging, our priority is patient care, so we are committed to the most accurate and comfortable imaging experience. 3T MRI is just one of the ways we use new technologies to better serve our community. When it is time to undergo an MRI procedure, remember, for clear images, there is a clear local option.