In fact, today it is easier than ever to find out how much your current MRI is worth. After all, it can help you decide if it makes sense for MRI Worth to switch to a new MRI or hold on to the one you have! The value of MRIs can vary.

MRI equipment

How do you find out how much yours is worth?

When did it happen?

Although your system is older and may not be worth much in the United States or Europe, it can be very attractive to buyers from other countries the year your MRI may make a difference in price. Remember to look for the year of manufacture, not the year you bought or installed it. You can find this information on the back of the portal. It is also stamped on the magnet itself.

What is the strength of the slope? When it comes to magnets, 1.5 Tesla is what people are looking for, with 1.5T scanners constituting the majority of used MRIs sold worldwide.

It is important to know the amplitude of the gradient (mT/m) and the speed of rotation (mT/m/ms). Be sure to include gradient package keywords from manufacturers such as Siemens “Quantum” Philips “Nova” and GE “Echospeed”.

Become familiar with MRI coils. If you have cardiac, neurovascular, breast, or angio coils, you can increase the value of your MRI system. However, it does not depend on your original bill or estimate. Take your own inventory of your coils with an MRI technician to ensure that your coil list is accurate.  Make sure all coils are in excellent condition and 100% functional. 

To learn more about coils, click here!

The operating software also makes a difference. Make sure you know the operating software for your current system. This usually appears on the screen when the system is started.

You can also go to the Settings or Service menu and click on the Options tab to see the list of options for the software you currently have enabled. Also, manufacturer’s terms such as EXCITE, Achieva and TIM may affect the value of your MRI.

If you are including workstations such as Leonardo or AWW, please bring them along as well.

How to get it from point A to point B. Will it be complicated to transport your MRI to the buyer’s site? If so, it will affect what you can charge for your system.

For example, it is much easier to move an MRI scanner from a suite on the first floor than to have it lowered with a crane. Be sure to photograph the most likely exit route to share with potential buyers.

Photograph the entire system. This type of documentation can give potential buyers information and peace of mind.

Once you have gathered all this information, be sure to contact an expert on imaging equipment.  We sell, buy, export, transport, unpack and install refurbished and used medical imaging equipment worldwide. With all the information we collect, we can provide you with an accurate assessment of the equipment market, so you know where you stand.